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  • What ages do you accept?
    We teach children age 4 to 13. As an example: to participate in Active Start, a child must be 4 years old on January 1 of the registration year.
  • Can anyone attend, register?
    We generally admit anyone, who is the proper age and is physically and mentally able to follow our curriculum.
  • What does that mean in detail?
    We abide by the Long Term Player Development Plan. This Plan provides age and ability adjusted methodologies for the main target groups: Active Start, Fundamentals and Learn to Train. Further, our coaches are aware that each child is different. We like to stay away from ‘cookie cutter coaching’.
  • If my child is, for example, too advanced for Active Start, can he/she be moved to a stronger group?
    You can forward a request to your coach and he will bring this to the next coaches meeting for discussion. We will assess and make the appropriate decision. In general, and usually after the second session, our coaches are instructed to look for exceptional talent and will suggest a move up or down when they see it is of a player’s benefit.
  • Can you place our child together with friends?
    We operate as a soccer school and as such we will not honour requests for friend-placement in the Fundamentals and Learn to Train categories. If friends find themselves on the same team, it definitely was not by design, rather by coincidence. We will honour friend-placement requests in the Active Start group only. This must be done in writing after registration.
  • Are there exceptions?
    In the Learn to Train category we provide the possibility that females that, outside of USC, are in the same school class/grade can be grouped together. This must be requested before registering and a list of all players involved must be submitted.
  • How are teams set up?
    Each category (AS, FM, LTT) represents a certain age group of players. Each category will be split into specific age groups. For example: Fundamentals (FM) consists of players by the age of 6-7-8 and can also include some 'weaker' Learn to Train players, age 9. All players will be grouped into their specific birth year with the 9 year olds joining the 8 year olds. As mentioned in an earlier paragraph, our coaches will later decide if it is necessary to move a player up or down because of his/her ability.
  • What do players need to wear?
    Players should wear sporting attire, including mandatory Soccer Cleats and Shin protection.
  • When do you run your sessions?
    The seasons are Spring/Summer/Fall (May-June, July-August, September-October) You can register for just one (or two or three sessions and save). As well you can choose Thursday evenings, Sunday mornings (or both and save). Sessions are 1h in duration. Exception Active Start: 50 Minutes. We also run indoor sessions at local gyms starting in November.
  • Can we switch between programs in a season?
    That is possible, as long as the program desired does have spaces available. It must be requested in writing. There is an administration charge of $25.
  • Do you have programs for advanced players?
    Yes. This is our Development Program. It is our promotional program that gives a player 3-prong training sessions at a bargain low price. This program runs Tuesday evenings (90 Minutes) which is mandatory and includes Thursdays and Sundays with one of them being mandatory and one optional, your choice. Generally players make use of all days. These sessions are high intensity and prepare players for competitive play. We reserve the right to remove players that don’t have the proper mindset. In that case a full refund will be granted. As well, our coaches will invite talented players from our parallel programs to train at no cost.
  • Do you offer competitive teams?
    We only create a competitive team if we feel player numbers in a specific age group allow for it. As well, attitude, mindset, competitiveness, ability and skillset have to be similar in that group to warrant a venture into competitive soccer. Further, the commitment level has to be there. The training to game ratio is 3-1. Playing competitive brings with it certain responsibilities towards that team. For example, a Summer Camp and lengthy vacations are out of the question. In addition, there is a different cost for competitive teams in addition to the Development program fee. This fee can triple if not quadruple depending on age group. In short, we will only field a team if it is warranted. Having said that, anyone that trains with us, is free to play competitively anywhere else and use our sessions as supplementary training.
  • What is your refund policy?
    Any request for a refund will be honoured. An administration fee of $35 applies. There are no refunds for games or practices that are cancelled due to weather, field conditions, facility closures or special events. Every effort will be made to reschedule the cancelled sessions as long as facilities and fields are available to us. Special Events include FIFA and Canada Soccer main competitions.
  • Do you have a bullying policy?
    We have Zero-Tolerance at USC. If a player is bullied by a player, he/she must bring this forward to the coach. He will make note and speak to the offender and inform the parent of the consequences. If there is a repeat incident, the player is removed from the organization without refund. If a player is bullied by a coach, the parent of that player must contact our office and we will pursue an investigation into that allegation. If found guilty, that coach will be removed from USC. If necessary he/she will be subject to a police investigation.
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