Deer Park JSH 

23 Ferndale Ave, M4T 2B4

Age 7-8 Advanced 

Saturdays (November to March) | 8:30 - 10:00 am

Age 9-11 Advanced 

Saturdays (November to March) | 10:00 - 11:30 am

Tuition: $400
f of vaccination mandatory

The Club reserves the right to make changes to programs based on facility availability and registration numbers

Advanced Player Development

Age 7 to 12



May 3 - Oct 27

Start Times:

6:15 pm

90 minutes duration


Tuition: $450

All players are eligible to play on our competitive academy teams 



Players in this group are groomed to potentially feature on some of our Development Teams.

The formation of teams is dictated by the number of committed players.

(Example: U8 Festival Teams require a minimum of 6 players, while U9 (and U10) require a minimum of 10 players. U11 and older require 11 players.)

Our standards ask for a short bench, meaning that we prefer small teams to guarantee maximum playing time.

Players can play 'up' or 'down' after consultation with the respective League we play in (to accommodate their current skill and physical level).
Teams will represent the USC Soccer School in GTA- wide competition.

Tuition covers Training and OS registration only.

Additional costs arise from League Registrations and uniform provisions,

The choice to train and play competitive or only train (and participate in our intra-club scrimmages) is yours.
This set-up is also suitable for 'outside USC' players who seek extra training to improve their status in their respective clubs/leagues. 

After you have registered you will receive an invitation to participate in a group meeting, either in person or via Zoom, to discuss the path forward for your player and to set the goals for the group and individuals.
Additional training is also available at MetrixPSD with Coach Isiaka Onibudo . You can reach him directly on his Facebook page by clicking this logo: