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Programs & Age Groups

Play through the Seasons:
Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter... or any Combination

United Soccer Club & Soccer School is a non-profit organization and provides an integrated program schedule of learning through exploration and teamwork.
Our sessions combine hands-on experience with knowledge-based teaching, implementing the Long Term Player Development Plan.


Active Start

Age 4 & 5/6 coed


Age 6 to 8/9 coed


Learn to Train

Age 9/10 to 11/12 coed


Program Tuition

:: Full Season, May to October: $300

:: Two Seasons, Spring & Summer, Spring & Fall, or Summer & Fall: $250

:: One Season, Spring, Summer or Fall: $140

Family discount applies when registering more than one child.

We founded United Soccer Club & Soccer School with one goal in mind: to bring the most enjoyable and rewarding soccer development possible into the north Toronto community.

Our passionate and skilled instructors are here to help players achieve their goals.

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Learning Has No Bounds


  • We are committed to provide the best grassroots learning environment for your child.

  • We like to plant and nourish the passion for soccer by teaching the art of the game from an early age on.

  • Our priority is a child's enjoyment, individual development and safety.

  • We focus on basic aspects of the sport spectrum, such as proper running technique, balance, flexibility and co-ordination. Everybody is welcome.

The United Soccer Club is affiliated with the USC Academy, which operates under the umbrella of Ontario Soccer (OS) as an ORA (Ontario Recognised Academy), which is governed by the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA).
USC adheres in principal to the rules and recommendations of OS and is a leader in promoting the LTPD.
The USC Academy provides programs for the ELITE and COMPETITIVE player.


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