Return to Play
(updated March 22, 2022)

We are looking forward to kick off our 2022 Soccer Program.

As the Ontario Government has eased Pandemic restrictions, we will follow their recommendations.
USC expects all registrants to have their minimum vaccination requirements completed.

In 2021 we required a parent signature for each child as proof of vaccination and that no infections are present.
Comes May 3, 2022, the start of our outdoor season, this procedure is not mandatory anymore.

We trust our membership that vaccinations were performed as required and that their households are safe of Covid 19.

Masks are not mandatory, but we encourage wearing one.

Just remember that this virus does not have an ON-OFF switch and even the vaccinated ones can get infected.

Keep your community in mind and do your best to protect each other.



efective from
MAy 10 to ? 2021

Return to Training (modified training)

  • Conditions:
    All Phase 1 Return to Train conditions are met

  • Restrictions:
    No contact, no league, exhibition, festival or tournament games


Return to Training and Modified Games (enhanced training & modified games)

  • Conditions:
    All Phase 2 Return to Train conditions are met, Inter-squad and Intra-squad modified games permitted (only within the Club/Academy)

  • Restrictions:
    No league, exhibition, festival or tournament games


Return to Soccer (regular competition, games and training)

  • Conditions:
    Social distancing restrictions have been lifted

  • Restrictions: